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First Equity Partners; Experts in diamonds for profit


Beauty – Security – Value

Who do we work with?

Private Individuals and Investment Funds

Why buy diamonds for profit?

A tangible liquid investment you own, physically hold and control.

Diamonds, like Gold, are perfect for;

  Inflation hedging
Currency hedging
 An alternative to low real-return assets
Providing a safe haven in turbulent time for equities

Diamonds are the new Gold
Diamond pricing is currently low, in contrast to Gold which is at an all-time high.
Gold pricing suffers from short-term volatility in part due to “investor herd mentality” diamond pricing does not.


  • Established Worldwide markets; wholesale and retail/new and open-market
  • Low-cost entry point to a high-value asset class
  • No buying or advice costs
  • No on-going or servicing costs
  • Liquid assets, easy to sell 24/7
  • Own and have permanent physical possession of the diamond/s
  • Guaranteed quality, independently and professionally certified with Worldwide recognition
  • Decades of consistent proven past performance (no guarantee of future performance)
  • VAT efficient criteria
  • No ownership responsibilities
  • Enjoy owning diamonds with little chance of deterioration in their condition

Over 20 years UK Regulated Financial Services experience

GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) Trained and Certified

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Making Money Investing in Diamonds

Investing in Diamonds has become increasingly popular for UK investors across a broad spectrum.  In our Free guide we show you how to buy Diamonds for Investment.  Buying Diamonds for Profit is very different to buying diamonds purely for aesthetic pleasure.  

We make it easy for all potential investors to see the benefits and points of caution when considering buying investment Diamonds.  We are UK experts in Diamonds for profit with 25 years trading history. 

Our Free Guide to buying Diamonds for investment offers a great insight and practical help from our wealth of experience.  We make it easy for you to buy diamonds for investment and ensure you see a good profit.  We make it equally straightforward for you to sell your diamonds and realise your profit as and when you wish. 

Let us show you how you can make money with investment Diamonds, a great addition to any well diversified investment portfolio.  Making money investing in Diamonds has never been so accessible for so many successful UK investors.

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